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GnarBike Trials Pro apk full

GnarBike Trials Pro apk
GnarBike Trials Pro apk

Current Version : 1.3.6
Requires Android : 1.5 and up
Category : Racing
Size : 13M

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Race on your motorbike through 75 levels in this physics based motorcycle hd trials game! Play 1000's more extreme levels online! Build your own evolutionary levels and share them with your friends!

Fix for exploding bike issue on some Galaxy S3's (US) and HTC one X (US) is available, please contact dev by email.

Pro Features:
More Levels with new physics objects!
No Adverts!

WARNING: Some pro levels will malfunction on some 600MHz phones. This issue will be fixed ASAP!

75 challenging levels.
Expert Mode - Super Addictive!
Level Sharing!
MOGA Enhanced!
Control your rider with 3 different choices of controls.
Beat your friends by getting the best time on the HeyZap leader boards.
Build and Upload your own levels in the in-game level builder.

Game hints:
Lean back to get a faster top speed.

Level Builder Instructions:
Top Left - "Repeat button" - creates whatever item you were last touching.
2nd Top Left - Saw & Hammer - "Build Button" - opens a list of items to build the level with.
Middle Left - "X-Drag/Rotate" - Switches between rotating and moving the object away/towards you.
2nd Bottom Left - "Gravity Button" - When touching an object, touch this to add physics/gravity.
Bottom Left - "Bin" - When touching an object, touch this to delete it.
Top Right - "Background" - Puts it into background mode, click a background block to delete it, click empty(blue) space to bring up the background menu and select background.
2nd Top Right - "GridLock" - Turns object grid lock On/Off.
Plus/Minus - Changes the object size/type.
Menu - Save - Saves current Level.
Menu - Load - Loads previously saved Level.
Menu - TestTrack - Changes to Test/Play mode.
Whilst touching an object, use a second finger to rotate it by sliding your second finger up/down. By moving your second finger left/right you can drag the object out from under you finger making it easier to see.

Xperia Play Controls: Left-Lean Back, Right-Lean Forward, x-Accelerate, o-Brake, Start-Pause Game, Select-Reset To Checkpoint. You can hide the Arrows in the options menu.

If you find the game is lagging a bit, try turning off the scaffolding in the options.

Please email/facebook message if you have any problems.


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GnarBike Trials Pro Apk v1.3.3 (1.3.3) Download | ApkAndroidGame ...
Game: GnarBike Trials Pro 1.3.3 Apk Supports: Android 1.5+ Category: Racing Info: The craziest GnarBike is back with the best biking experience.

APK MANIA GnarBike Trials Pro v1.3.5 APK
GnarBike Trials Pro v1.3.5 APK; GPP Remote Viewer v1.0.4 APK; Moon+ Reader Pro v1.8.7 build 187002 APK; Mandora v1.0.0 APK; ssLauncher the Original v1.9.1 APK;

APK MANIA GnarBike Trials Pro v1.3.3 APK
GnarBike Trials Pro v1.3.3 APK; HD Metallic Widgets v3.1 APK; Remote Desktop Client v3.6.4 APK; Trainyard v1.4 APK; Moon+ Reader Pro v1.8.4 APK; Hatchi 2.50b APK;

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GnarBike Trials Pro v1.3.5 APK- Download Android Apps. November 26, 2012 by Admin. Gnar Bike Trials an awesome Motorbike game! GnarBike Trials Pro ...


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