Sunday, April 1, 2012

His & Her - The Adult Sex Game apk file

His & Her - The Adult Sex Game apk
His & Her - The Adult Sex Game apk

Current Version : 4.0.0
Requires Android : 2.2 and up
Category : Casual
Size : 1,015k

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His & Her is the most hottest adult sex game on the Google Play store.
Turn off your phones, Dim the lights and get ready for the hottest evening of your life.

His & Her will test yours and your partner’s boundaries and take your sex life to a level you never knew existed.
The adult sex game has over 500 different actions to carry out ranging from romantic to XXX explicitness.

In this couples game you and your partner take turns spinning the wheel and moving around the board. Each tile you land on will instruct you to carry out an action. The explicitness of the action is determined by the level you’re on.
You go up a level by completing full laps around the board.

The winner of the game gets to carry out their sexual fantasy. Before the game starts each player enters their sexual fantasy, but do not show your partner. Let it be a surprise!

His and her - The Adult Sex Game - Couples Sex Game


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